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Shaun Glaze

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Shaun Glaze

Research Associate | 206-462-6371

I’m a Research Associate and data geek who loves to translate research into actionable steps for our clients. My work at PRR allows me to touch a variety of community-based projects like a city-wide survey  to determine the best use of a mixed-use property, or large scale studies of over ten thousand people about their driving behaviors. As someone who focuses on participatory research, this collaborative results-oriented approach to change is a good match for me, and I love that we care about growing equity and diversity. For unpaid work, I like blending data, research, and analysis to help non-profits and activists build effective campaigns. I’m on the board of the Seattle Nonbinary Collective and am connected to several groups that celebrate queerness, people of color, and accessible spaces. When I’m not at work, I’m often at community meetings, playing with my children, enjoying board games, or talking shop about how to integrate social justice practice in everything we do.